Review: How to work as a Freelance Journalist

30 Jun

There are too many “How to…” books, all claiming they’ll make you into the perfect writer, sensational socialite and all round good egg. Nobody knows which to buy, so let me help you out: buy ‘How to work as a Freelance Journalist.’

 I have benefitted greatly from being a student of Marc’s at Weston College, so was cajoled into buying his book in order to get good grades. Sarcasm aside, Marc is a fantastic tutor both first-hand and in this book.

 Marc has worked on countless publications – although hasn’t achieved true greatness just yet, having not got an article published in Doctor Who Magazine – so knows the industry inside-out.

 ‘How to work as a Freelance Journalist’ is a book you’ll want to keep on your desk for life, giving invaluable advice on how to write:

  • Reviews;
  • Opinion pieces;
  • News;
  • Features;
  • Travel;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Sport;
  • Music.

He also gives tips on finding ideas, approaching editors, marketing and time management, while dabbling in PR and media law and ethics – yes, some journalists do have them! Many sections conclude with an interview with experts of the industry, including Simon Calder, editor of the Independent Traveller, and Damien Barr, journalist for The Times.

 It is very easy to skim through, but you’ll probably find yourself glued to its contents pretty quickly; Marc’s writing is informal and witty, while staying uncharacteristically professional. You’ll be nodding profusely at his definition of ‘Deadline day’ as ‘when the sh*t hits the fan.’

 Big thanks to Marc for his lessons, friendship and book; I am now a published writer!

(Kudos, also, to his editors for clearing up Marc’s infamous grammar and punctuation.)


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2 responses to “Review: How to work as a Freelance Journalist

  1. Marc

    July 1, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Thanks Philip,
    I think you have a great future ahead of you as a reviewer of books, and of course you will achieve ‘true greatness’ by working for Doctor Who magazine.
    I look forward to your book ‘How to be a professional student’!
    Cheers, Marc


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