Two new Bristol247 articles

03 Jul

Bristol247 celebrates its 2nd Anniversary this year, and I’m proud to be a contributor to the site. While my other articles can be seen by clicking on the links in previous blog posts or my online portfolio, I have also had two further pieces published on the site of late.

£9000 university tuition fees will make the common student an endangered species

Students take their protest to the Bristol247 homepage!

Like many, I feel very strongly about the increased student tuition fees, though I am lucky enough not to be directly affected, so I want to thank the editor, Christopher Brown, for the opportunity to air these views. I also want to thank my interviewees, Chris Brownett and Barry Creswell. I’m pleased to see a couple of comments from like-minded individuals too; any further opinions are very much welcomed.

Jack Vettriano celebration comes to the RWA, Bristol

Vettriano on the Bristol247 homepage

Jack Vettriano’s one of my favourite artists – in fact, you’ve probably got a print of his art, perhaps on a card or something – and I’m glad he’s being recognised at the RWA. It’s unusual to have something like this in the South West – I’m still trying to get to The Doctor Who Experience in London, although obviously, it’s moving to Cardiff next year – so I hope to show my support and go to the exhibition soon.

There’s some comments on that too; this time, some more, uhm, opinionated ones. Ah well, love a good debate (as long as I win). Personally, I really like this quote from Vettriano: “The whole debate between the public loving it and critics hating it made it controversial and I’ve benefitted from that. I don’t mind it at all; I’ve always wanted to be a bit of a maverick.”

And finally, here’s my contributor’s page:

Hopefully, this’ll be growing, ‘long as Mr. Brown is happy with what I do!

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