Day of the Daleks

11 Nov

I don’t normally get the Classic Doctor Who DVDs immediately after they come out. As a student, with limited funds, I tend to wait until they’re a tenner over at HMV, but when the Doctor Who Appreciation Society offered Day of the Daleks for £20 – signed by three of its cast! – I just couldn’t help myself.

And I’m so glad I got it so quickly.

Firstly, it’s a great story. Nestled at the start of series nine (1972), it’s a timey-wimey tale of a group of guerrillas arriving from a bleak future to assassinate a delegate at the second World Peace Conference – in order to stop a Dalek invasion!

Secondly, alongside the original transmitted version, there’s a Special Edition, with brand new effects, scenes, and Dalek voices by Nick Briggs, voice of many-a-modern-day Who monster!

The Special Edition is amazing, really adding to the strong performances and plot.

And finally, it gave me the chance to write some reviews for Kasterborous and ItchyBristol.

Here’s the ItchyBristol one, which had to be relatively short to fit in with its surroundings. Even so, I think I managed to get in quite a bit of detail, and I’m pleased with the final piece:

One of the big benefits of Itchy is that the by-line is, in fact, a link… to this very blog! So if you’ve been directed here by that – Hello, and thanks for reading my work!

I’ve further explored the DVD for Kasterborous, and huge thanks must go to Christian, my editor, for giving me the chance to delve deeper into the tale. I felt that I needed to include as much detail about the serial and special features as possible, especially as Kasterborous has such a loyal following that its readers want that sort of depth. They know Doctor Who intimately. So it’s imperative to cater for this.

Though it was quite a challenge, I really enjoyed fully reviewing all aspects of the DVD, and I’m very pleased with the two articles, which can be found here:

Part One:

Part Two:

I hope you enjoy them. As always, any feedback is always appreciated.

And don’t forget: it’s Day of the Daleks Month over at Kasterborous (, so if you want to discuss the story or any elements of it, get over to their forum now.

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