Goodbye, Day of the Daleks Month!

01 Dec

ADVENT DAY ONE: The run up to Christmas has officially begun, as signalled by the small but perfectly formed pieces of chocolate some of us bigger kids will have for breakfast.

To celebrate advent, I’ll be adding new content to this blog every day in the countdown to Christmas; reviews, opinion pieces, short stories… that sort of thing! So make sure you pop back in between shopping, packing presents and nursing a headache.

For any Doctor Who fans who have been paying attention, November was Day of the Daleks month over at, a celebration and exploration of the 1972 classic serial, recently released on DVD.

Looks great, huh? (Obviously, the trailer is copyright BBC and 2|Entertainment.)

I’ve been covering the storyline in some depth on Kasterborous, with news articles leading up to its release and two reviews that have been linked on this site a couple of couple of times already. So it was nice to close Day of the Daleks Month with a look at an important element of the story…

You can find my article, Day of the Paradox!, here:

Hopefully, they’ll be more discussions about Day sometime soon, but for now, let’s all bid it a fond farewell…!


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