Doctor Who: Hornet’s Nest on Radio 4 Extra

11 Dec

ADVENT DAY ELEVEN: To celebrate advent, I’ll be adding new content to this blog every day in the countdown to Christmas; reviews, opinion pieces, short stories… that sort of thing! So make sure you pop back in between shopping, packing presents and nursing a headache.

In 2009, Tom Baker found himself as the fourth Doctor once more after a break of almost 30 years.

If you haven’t heard about it – – where have you been?!

Hornet’s Nest, written by Paul Magrs, saw the fourth Doctor teaming up with Captain Mike Yates (Richard Franklin) and Susan Jameson’s Mrs. Wibbsey in a serial spread across five parts: The Stuff of Nightmares, The Dead Shoes, The Circus of Doom, A Sting in the Tale and Hive of Horror.

The story was so successful, it has spawned two further series, Demon Quest and Serpent Crest, again starring Baker, Franklin and Jameson.

From tomorrow (12th), Radio 4 Extra are broadcasting Hornet’s Nest in ten 30-minute episodes in the run up to Christmas, concluding on 23rd December. You can hear the grand tones of Tom Baker every day at 6pm, or when they’re repeated at midnight.

You can buy the complete Hornet’s Nest, from Amazon, here:


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