No Longer Lost…!

12 Dec

ADVENT DAY TWELVE: To celebrate advent, I’ll be adding new content to this blog every day in the countdown to Christmas; reviews, opinion pieces, short stories… that sort of thing! So make sure you pop back in between shopping, packing presents and nursing a headache.

Yesterday was amazing.

At the ‘Missing Believed Wiped’ show at the BFI in London, it was announced that two long-since lost Doctor Who episodes have been returned to the BBC: Galaxy Four: Air Lock (Episode 3), and The Underwater Menace Episode Two, not screened in the UK since their original transmissions in September 1965 and January 1967, respectively.

When I read the news, I actually had a tingle go up my spine and arms. I couldn’t believe it –  and still can’t really.

A rarely-seen Rill

The last time an episode was found, it was 2004 (it was 1965’s Day of Armageddon, fact fans) so – as a fan since 2005 – I’ve never experienced the thrill you get from a missing episode being found… and I was beginning to think I’d never know what it feels like. It’s incredible that so many Doctor Who shows were wiped, and as it all happened so long ago, I didn’t think any more would be found.

I’m so glad to be proven wrong.

The Doctor and Vicki try to escape the Rill Centre

DrWhoOnline has a short interview with Doctor Who Restoration Team member, Paul Vanezis, in which he says: “There are 106 episodes missing from the BBC, but I don’t think there are 106 episodes missing in the world. Now, I don’t want to get peoples hopes up. I’ve been mis-quoted before, but I am certain there are episodes out there with private collectors.”

You can read the rest here.

Unfortunately, the poor guy doesn’t think the TARDIS is real, but hey, everyone has their faults.

The Doctor confronts Zaroff

Here’s the Radio Times’ reaction to the brilliant news.

But you don’t care about all that, do you? No! You just want to see clips! And rightly so.

You can find two amazing glimpses at the recently-rediscovered serials on Kasterborous.

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