Short Story: Yucatan

19 Dec

ADVENT DAY NINETEEN: To celebrate advent, I’ll be adding new content to this blog every day in the countdown to Christmas; reviews, opinion pieces, short stories… that sort of thing! So make sure you pop back in between shopping, packing presents and nursing a headache.

Today, the result of a challenge to write about a place I’ve never been to. So, inspired by An Idiot Abroad, here’s my short story, Yucatan. Obviously, some facts might not be 100% correct, but I’ve tried my best… and I’d like to go there someday. (Karl Pilkington liked Mexico more than any other place he’s been to on the show – surely that’s a huge accolade!) And in case you were wondering, the person who set me the challenge enjoyed the story. Thankfully.

"El Castillo"

Nothing happens here. Yucatan is a very boring place.

We live far out from the town, but we are happy this way, and we don’t go there very often. It has a bad vibra. We are happy in our house. It is made of grey blocks, stacked one on top of another with cement filling in the gaps. We haven’t painted it like some others in the village; we tell them it is because we don’t need yellow and orange and green as we have trees for that, but really, it is because paint is expensive and heavy to carry.

We have room for our dogs and our family, and we can go over the road for food, as there’s a line of trees there with wasp nests. We have a stick to chop down the nests and the wasps go after us. That is fine. We are strong and can run fast and the wasp larvae are worth it. Sometimes, we run out of food and tequila, so we have to go to town.

Last week, we decided to go a pincel, walking alongside the road. It is dusty, but some roads are flat and covered in tarmac. The cars, they fly past, but it is not needed. The side of the road is perfectly fine, as there are Ki to hide from the sun and we can visit friends along the way. Sometimes, we have to dodge accidents where the car has gone off the road and through a house. Sometimes, we see the people who have died and have dirtied the road, but someone is usually there to clean up.

The town has been painted in yellow and orange and green. But there are good trees here too, and so this is just decoration for decoration’s sake. The skulls are fun though, and there are usually new ones each time we go. Some cars are even decorated with number plates with pictures on them. Chichen Itza, it is mostly.

We shouldn’t have gone to town that close to the Day of the Dead. People are crazy; they go to the antro, but that is up to them.

After we left, we heard some fulano got hit in the face. It was just some man, who was collecting food for his family, and a firework went into his eye.  An ambulance took him away and the papers blamed pinche kids on it. Probably borracho from too many tequilas. The man is fine now. His eye is no longer there, so he is fine.

Nothing happens here. Yucatan is a very boring place.


Antro: Club.

A Pinchel: On foot.

Borracho: drunk.

Fulano: Guy.

Ki: Type of plant.

Pinche: Damn.

Vibra: Vibe.

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