The Simpsons mispronounced on Channel 4

22 Jan

For days, I’ve been double-taking, not quite believing that anybody would mispronounce The Simpsons in the name of ‘humour.’ Or, if you will, ‘humor.’ (No, best not.)

Turns out I’m not imagining it.

I’m okay with this to a certain point. It just seems a bit… pointless. It’s like a bet with your mates. What I really want to see – nay, hear is mispronunciation in relation to the actual episode. I’ll give you a few examples:

Moaning Lisa = The Saxsons;

Bart’s Friend falls in love = The Stankysons;

Homer the Smithers = The Smithersons;

Pygmoelian = The Moelians;

Behind the Laughter = The Huckleberry Hounds.

I’m quite partial to the last one in particular.

C’mon Channel 4. Be more creative.

Thanks to

Leave a comment if you have any good’uns. Or really, really bad ones.

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