Price of 1st Class Stamp to increase to 60p: will this signal the death of the letter?

27 Mar

The price of a 1st class stamp is to increase 14p to 60p from 30th April, while the 2nd class stamp will also rise to 50p. The incline is the result of regulatory board, Ofcom, loosening the reins on price controls.

1st class stamps are currently 46p while the 2nd is 36p, as businesses in particular will know. The cost of posting large letters will increase from 75p to 90p for first class and 58p to 69p for second class. It marks the biggest percentage annual increase since 1975.

Anyone who hates the phrase, ‘in the current economic climate,’ look away now; Moya Greene, the Royal Mail’s chief executive, said:

“We know how hard it is for households and businesses when our economy is as tough as it is now. No-one likes to raise prices in the current economic climate but, regretfully, we have no option. Royal Mail provides one of the highest-quality postal services in Europe for amongst the lowest prices for both consumers and business. That service is under threat from declining volume, e-substitution and ever-increasing competition.”

…Which seems to be a great reason to lower the price of stamps, encouraging people to send a traditional letter once again!

While I use email all the time, I’ll always have a place in my heart for good ol’ letters. I love the feeling you get when one lands on your doorstep, and it just can’t be simulated when looking at your inbox.

Cracking stamps, Gromit!

Businesses are starting to use their emails and tablets to send and receive invoices/ statements already, while the phenomenon of ecards provides a steady undercurrent for those dissatisfied with the postal service. And who needs traditional cards when you can send your ‘love’ over Facebook, which obviously shows such thought, effort, time and consideration? (It was rhetorical, okay?!)

Money-saving expert, Martin Lewis, said on Twitter:

“Huge stamp price hike. 1st class from 46p to 60p – 2nd from 36p to 50p on 30 April. Stock up now, if they say class not cost they stay valid.”

He has also heard from many who are planning to stop sending Christmas cards! It’s utter madness.

1st class stamp: 60p. A 2nd class stamp: 50p. A letter that really shows you care: Priceless. (For everything else there’s Mastercard…)

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