10 writers you should follow on Twitter

30 Mar

The main advantage of Twitter is that you can talk to and gain experience from some of the big names in any industry. And writing being my speciality…

Just think of it as a big #ff (follow Friday).

1.       Steven Moffat


Do you really have to ask? The Moff is the showrunner of Doctor Who and Sherlock, and has written some of the best television of all time. Why aren’t you following him already?

Typical tweet:

“About to do Sherlock interviews in Paris but WITHOUT @ Markgatiss. It’ll all be bad taste and no erudition.”

2.       Stan Lee


The living legend himself. Stan “The Man” Lee created Spider-man, the Hulk, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four – and countless more! He’s a true hero of mine.

Typical tweet:

“Wouldja believe I once got a royalty check for ONE CENT?!! They spent more than that to send it to me!”

Stan is The Man

3.       Tom MacRae


He burst onto the scene with Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen/ Age of Steel (2006) with Russell T. Davies as his mentor, but has since written for the 11th Doctor (in The Girl Who Waited) and created a hit sitcom for Comedy Central UK: Threesome.

Typical tweet:                  

“Email spam today: ‘Did You Know You Could Make A Living As A Full-Time Writer?’. Yes. I did, thanks.”

4.       Simon Guerrier


Science-fiction and freelance writer, who sums himself up as a ‘glorified typist.’ He’s written for many mediums and edited Big Finish’s Short Trips range. My favourite book of his is The Time Travellers: all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey!

Typical tweet:

“Transcribing an interview. Increasingly annoyed by my own nervy failure to ask a simple question.”

5.       Ben Aaronovitch


Ben wrote the amazing Remembrance of the Daleks, but you’ll probably know his books better as best-sellers in WHSmith and Waterstones: Rivers of London; Moon over Soho and the upcoming Whispers Underground.

Typical tweet:

“The #halifax – screwing our customers because we can!”

6.       Gareth Roberts


Screenwriter whose Doctor Who credits include: The Shakespeare Code; The Unicorn and the Wasp and The Lodger. He’s also written the novel, Shada, based on the work of Douglas Adams – and is getting rave reviews from everyone! He comments on TV a lot.

Typical tweet:

“Thank you midnight downloaders of #Shada. No idea who Kindle author Gareth Adams Douglas Roberts is. Will ask Queen Amazonia if she knows.”

7.       James Goss


A truly fantastic author, James wrote the fantastic Dead of Winter, a really creepy and shocking novel that’s one of my favourites – plus it’s got all 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Typical tweet:

“The woman next to me is colouring in her cv with crayons. Ten years ago I would have sneered. Now I want to applaud.”

8.       David Wolstencroft


A true expert in the TV industry, David created the BAFTA award-winning Spooks, which ran for ten fantastic series. Surely that’s all you need to know?!

Typical tweet:

“I get it. All writing is re-writing. But re-writing, that’s also actual writing. So really what you’re saying is, “all writing is writing.””

9.       Mark Gatiss


Mark Gatiss is a man of all trades. But he’s best-known for writing Doctor Who, and co-creating Sherlock (with Steven Moffat – and Arthur Conan Doyle!) Aside from that, he’s a great actor and has a passion for horror.

Typical tweet:

“Charmingly fitting that, on such a sunny weekend, hundreds of Doctor Who fans will be inside with the curtains drawn.”

10.   Andrew Smith


Smith was a Doctor Who fan, and sent a script in. Nowadays, it would never happen – but that was the Eighties, and his story was shot, and became a classic: Full Circle. He disappeared from the industry, becoming a policeman, but has since returned, triumphantly!

Typical tweet:

“My wife: “Which one’s the Project Manager?” Me: “The only one who didn’t speak.” #apprentice”

So that’s it for now. And you can even follow me, if you get the urge!

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