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The Amazing Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, has died.

When we’re young, we learn about space – the things we can’t see, and the things we can. The latter is, most notably, the moon. We learn about the unreachable.

Alongside Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins, Neil Armstrong made the unreachable reachable.

Born in 1930, he joined NASA in 1962, and in 1966, he went out on his first mission – Gemini 8 –  and performed the first manned docking of two spacecrafts. But he’ll forever be known as the first man on the moon.

When asked why this photo of Neil is so special, Buzz Aldrin simply said it’s all down to the location…

Though he only went into space twice, Armstrong will always be synonymous with taking that first step into the great unknown. He spent 8 days, 14 hours, 12 minutes and 30 seconds in space, and, though he never liked being acknowledged as such, he’ll remain a hero of countless generations.

Whenever there’s a clear night, I look up at the sky. The stars burning so far away and so long ago; the beautiful, dense emptiness; the glowing elegance of the moon. And I always take inspiration from the fact that we’ve been there. This incredible sphere hanging in the sky: we’ve been there.

Tonight, there’s a full moon.

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The idea of Siri creeps me out a bit. But this hilarious post from Pilgrim’s Lens makes me sleep easier in the small hours of the morning. And if that doesn’t work, I can just ask Siri about insomnia cures…

a pilgrim's lens

Posts have all been more on the serious side as of late. Which means a less Siri-ous post is way overdue. So…here is the visual layout of my very convoluted relationship with Siri. We’re working through our issues but I think it’s going to take some time.

Because as you can see… sometimes she’s really fickle.

She can be very insecure…She avoids talking about her past a lot.She kind of struggles to maintain a good sense of humor.She doesn’t seem to know how to receive compliments, and barely knows how to return them either.Once in a while she can be easygoing.But I’m not sure we have the same worldview, on a lot of levels.There are times when I catch her talking to herself, and it makes me wonder.
She doesn’t seem comfortable being honest with me.Sometimes she is borderline cocky.
Other times, she…

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Damn you, river!

Haha! Fantastic stuff from the lovely folks at Terribly Write…

Terribly Write

Cursing out a river isn’t going to stop it from flooding. Better to dam it than damn it, don’t ya think?

This damned homophone is from Yahoo! Movies.

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