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Tim Maughan’s Paintwork Film

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to catch up with local science-fiction writer, Tim Maughan, for Guide2Bristol.

Tim’s the author of a short story collection, Paintwork, which has recently been turned into a brief film, as well as the critically-acclaimed Limited Edition.

Tim is a really nice guy and I thoroughly enjoyed the two-hour chat we had at Bristol’s Watershed. Expect to see the finished article soon on Guide2Bristol.

Meanwhile, you can check out Bristol Evening Post’s interview with the man himself here, or visit his official blog here.

I wholeheartedly recommend picking up Paintwork, described by many as ‘cyberpunk,’ envisioning a disturbing future – that lurks just around the corner. Whether it’s cyberpunk or not is pure conjecture, of course, but it’s a bold, thought-provoking and clever science-fiction collection that honours the work of greats like William Gibson (Necromancer) and J.G. Ballard (Crash).

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