What I’ve Been Up To: the DWC and MUO

15 Jun

DWC - June 2016

Phew. It’s been quite a while since I updated this blog, so it’s about time I got back to it.

But I’ve had a busy time of it lately. I have excuses!

The biggest change is having to leave Kasterborous, where I’d worked for nearly five years, largely in an editorial role. Circumstances behind-the-scenes changed with Christian, Kasterborous’ founder, having left, and I wasn’t happy there anymore. A shed-load of invasive ads, completely out of my control, began to fill the site, most of which simply weren’t appropriate to the family audience. Further troubles led to my resignation.

Fortunately, that’s not the end of it. The wonderful Andy Reynolds, who had been writing for Kasterborous longer than I had (and took up editorial duties with me), joined me in co-founding a new Doctor Who site, and we brought the majority of Kasterborous writers with us. This includes Christian, and Mez Burdett, who’s namely in charge of reviews and was one of the first news contributors on Kasterborous.

The new site? The Doctor Who Companion. Or the DWC for short. Please do visit and leave us some feedback. It’d be very much appreciated.

We’re very pleased with its reception, and really happy that Kasterborous’ audience seems to have transferred over to the DWC with us. There are wrinkles to iron out, but on the whole, it seems successful. Onwards and upwards.

Elsewhere, I’m still writing for MakeUseOf. I’ve got over 100 articles published there, more than two years’ experience, so I seemed to have settled into that regular routine pretty well.

There, I write about all things technology. But I’m a dedicated author for the Security and Gaming sections, meaning that, although I write for other sections, the main focus is on those particular two. That’s a relatively new development, so I’m still trying to juggle the Security and Gaming quotas with contributing to, say, Entertainment, Creative, and the Internet sections. Still, I’m adjusting alright.

OS Mobile MUO homepage slider

Are there any particular recent articles I’m proud of? Hmm. There are a few I’d say show my work off best:

Thanks for sticking with me, everyone! I’ll try to update the blog as often as possible again, but for now, please do check out the DWC – your support is what will keep us going!

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