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Pre-Order Kasterborous Magazine #2 Now!

The second issue of the Kasterborous Magazine is now available for pre-order!

K Mag 2

This time, we’re focusing on video games, from 1983’s Doctor Who: The First Adventure to the most recent (very popular) mobile game, Legacy. And I’ve got a feature in the mag, looking at the MMO game, Worlds in Time, launched in 2012. Unfortunately, it closed earlier this year, but that didn’t reflect the massive amount of thought and care that went into it. I interviewed Ben Badgett, Creative Director of BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment & Games, about the process; he told me:

“We really wanted to fulfill the fantasy of having the Doctor choose the player to take them on adventures through space and time. I think that’s a huge part of the appeal of the companions, and part of staying true to the show.”

I’m in good company: editor, Christian Cawley, has bought together some great writers, including Mez Burdett; Scott Varnham; James McLean (who also designed it – and it really does look fantastic); Elton Townend-Jones… and The Valeyard!

I’m especially impressed by the clever cover. Utterly brilliant.

As well as a print and digital edition, this issue will also be available as an instantly-readable PDF for £1.99, accessible through most e-readers and of course, your PC. Plus, if you go with this option, you get Issue 1 completely free – and that one includes my interview with Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith!

Believe me: a lot of work has gone into the issue and we’re all very proud of it.

Digital copies are expected to be available sometime next month.

The print version is available to pre-order today for just £9.99 from the Kasterborous Store.


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My First Sub-Editorial: Negativity

We’ve had an incredibly strong run of Doctor Who stories this year, ranging from the beautiful (The Rings of Akhaten) to the creepy (Hide), from the funny (The Crimson Horror) to the shocking (The Name of the Doctor, obviously!) and plenty that tread the line between all the above.

They're here

But I got annoyed at the unfair negativity about the show. Thankfully, that seems to have subsided now – but in the midst of the season, my Kasterborous editor, Christian, offered me the chance to write my very first Sub-Editorial, tackling the unnecessary complaints.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

(A Sub-Editorial, by the way, is a glorified opinion piece, but it sounds more authoritative than just saying, ‘this is what I fink.’ I hope it’s a fairly genned-up argument, anyway…)

Here’s a brief snippet:

“[Showrunner, Steven Moffat has] also made the show too complex. Pure conjecture, there.

Yes, it’s complex – but it’s always been. There certainly are more timey-wimey stories, but that’s no bad thing, surely? It’s one of the main aspects of the show! As Peter Davison noted in the documentary for Mawdryn Undead, children seem to understand complexities more than adults, perhaps because they pay attention. Surely, a show that demands you take note is to be celebrated; it does not need to dumb down, and if it ever does, I’d prefer it be cancelled. TV should never strive to be dumb – nothing should. That attitude is disgusting.”

Okay, so it caused a stir. I bet you guessed that much.

I didn’t guess that it’d be one of the most-commented-on articles ever on Kasterborous. In fact, until Christian wrote How Leaks Are Spoiling Doctor Who’s 50th, it held the top spot. Naturally, I wept a bit when I found this out… but I suppose #2 isn’t bad, eh?

The Crimson Horror 4

Feel free to leave comments and help me reclaim that accolade, though. Go on.

Anyway, I’m happy that I provoked such an outpouring. And even happier that most agree with me, on the whole. There are some bile-filled comments, but that’s their prerogative. Let them get on with it, right!

Overall, thanks for supporting my articles. I won’t stop just because some people turn nasty. The positive ones are always the ones to listen to. Thank you for them.

Read my full Sub-Editorial here.


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Sub-Editing Kasterborous

ADVENT DAY SEVENTEEN: Christmas. It’s not long away. And to celebrate advent, new content will be added to this blog every day in the countdown to the big day. You’ll see reviews, opinion pieces, links to some of my other work, videos – maybe even a short story! Remember to check back every day (in between the mad rush of packing presents, getting the freezer stocked up and watching Home Alone on repeat).

I’ve been lucky enough to be approached by my Kasterborous editor, Christian, to help sub-edit the site occasionally; a job I’ve happily taken on!


Aside from the usual editing tasks – checking spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation etc – I’m responsible for adding images, tags and things like that.

My first published piece was Peruvian Who? by Meredith Burdett. I was quite nervous publishing anything that wasn’t, y’know, on this blog. Oh, the responsibility! But it went fine, and I got nice feedback from Christian. He was even supportive when I accidentally published an article before its featured image or tags had been added. (I basically pressed ‘publish’ instead of ‘preview’!)

When I first started, Kasterborous was having a bit of a makeover: there was initially a scrolling bar at the top of the homepage, featuring an image and some text to the left-hand side.

One of my jobs was picking these featured images, so once I tested the new site out, I realised that the text on the scroll bar obscured parts of the image. So I decided to pick images where the central character was offset to the right, with examples including Matt and Jenna’s “Good Chemistry”, which showed Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Oswin Oswald, and Hitchcock vs. Dream Lord.

Hitchcock vs Dream Lord

A few of my other sub-edited pieces include: Exclusive Nicholas Briggs Interview; So What (She’ll Be A Who Star?!); Andrew Cartmel Needs You!; What We Know About Christmas 2012; Matt Smith Wants Danny Boyle To Direct; and Matt Smith Teases 50th Anniversary, Live Events.

I was drafted in again to help out on the sub-editing front last week, and my most recent sub-edited articles include: Doctor Who Continues in April 2013!; Your Personal Desktop TARDIS!; and The Tiptons Talks Assimilation2.

Jenna - good chemistry

Big thanks to Christian for trusting me with one of the biggest Doctor Who sites, and fingers crossed he’ll let me loose again soon…


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