Here I am, exploring a hugely important part of the world: comedy.

For the record, my favourite comedian is Lee Mack; my favourite double act is Armstrong and Miller; and my favourite British comedies are Not Going Out and An Idiot Abroad. The Simpsons and The US Office are the best American comedy shows, and they don’t have much competition. I know; controversial.

Comedy review: The Armstrong and Miller Show at the Bristol Hippodrome

My first comedy review, way back in September 2010, published by Guide2Bristol, for whom I write a regular comics column. It really started the ball rolling…

Armstrong and Miller: Double act deserve ongoing popularity

Bristol247 published this review of Armstrong and Miller’s fantastic show based on their amazing sketch show.

Stand-up Micky

Taken from the Weston and Worle Mercury


My first preview and published article for The Weston and Worle Mercury.

Lee Mack in Bristol

This would’ve been in-print if it weren’t for tickets selling out so fast. Still, online is better than nothing!

Lee Mack: Full of enthusiasm, energy and cheeky charm

A second review for Bristol247.

Bristol Comedy review: Lee Mack, ‘Going Out’ Tour, Colston Hall

Lee Mack’s stand-up simply cannot be beaten. When he tours again, you should be willing to give your left arm to get tickets. Or £20. Whichever, really.

Bristol Slapstick Festival returns with tribute to Chaplin

Some classic comedy. Slapstick gets a lot of… uhm… shtick, but it’s the foundation of everything we see today. Plus it’s funny. And isn’t that what comedy’s about?!

Crowd Pleaser in Bristol

Taken from the Weston and Worle Mercury


Another published preview, this time of Ed Byrne. It’s really important to keep your eye on upcoming events in your area.

Comedian Stephen Merchant brings ‘Hello Ladies’ show to Bristol Colston Hall

Sadly, I missed out on this show, but I recently caught it on DVD – definitely one to watch.

Bristol Comedian Stephen Merchant on the hunt for a wife

Most would just take out an ad in the paper. Stephen Merchant dedicates a whole tour to finding the love of his life.

10 years of The Office

A big ol’ feature celebrating a big ol’ anniversary. Fingers crossed I’ll be contributing more to The British Comedy Guide soon…

Outstanding Comedy

A preview article for The Mercury; and no, I didn’t take the picture. That’s a bit of a typo. And the online article? Yeah, it’s the wrong by-line. I believe the kids these days would say: :/

I guess some would find it funny. Not me, though; I don’t have a sense of humour.


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