Introducing: Doctor Who

The idea behind Introducing: Doctor Who is to encourage new fans to watch – and old fans to re-watch – the classic series, while informing and entertaining. It’s an ongoing series of articles I’m writing for Kasterborous, talking fans through the Doctor’s adventures in Time and Space. A sort of master class in the show’s history.

The series began in conjunction with the DVD releases, so fans could easily find a bit of background information on the one they’d just bought or were thinking of getting… but has quickly expanded into other stories and even other mediums!

Just click on the appropriate image to be ushered away to that Introduction article. You can visit my Kasterborous  author’s profile here.

Introducing: Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Introducing: The Android Invasion

Introducing: The Sensorites

Introducing: Worlds in Time

Introducing: The Dæmons

Introducing: The Crash of the Elysium

Introducing: Dragonfire

Introducing: Frontier in Space

Intro - Frontier



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