As a regular contributor to the Doctor Who site, Kasterborous, I get to write about my favourite show all the time. It’s a great gig.

Here are just a few articles for the website, but you can find my complete author profile here.

You can also read my ‘Introducing: Doctor Who’ articles for the site here.

Fiver for Six!

My first article; it seems so long ago, and I’ve covered a lot of ground since.

Series 6 Part 2 Trailer Breakdown!

What seemed like a huge project for me – although it actually didn’t take that long. I’ve always loved trailer breakdowns, so it was pretty cool being in charge of doing my own!

Day of the Daleks Special Edition #1

Day of the Daleks Special Edition #2

A massive review that I’m super proud of. It required watching every ounce of the Day of the Daleks DVD; a job that was tough, but hugely enjoyable.

Mark Gatiss, Castaway

The first time I’ve listened to Desert Island Disks. I know. Shocking. I especially enjoyed the interviews between each track, as Gatiss explored the horror influences in his writing.

Eleventh Heaven

A celebration of my favourite Doctor. Bow ties are cool.

Day of the Paradox!

Closing Kasterborous’ “Day of the Daleks Month,” this short feature added to their long-running ‘Shape of Doctor Who’ series. I’m fascinated by time travel (and all its baggage), so this was a great project.

Top 10 Guest Stars: The Tenth Doctor Pt 1

Top 10 Guest Stars: The Tenth Doctor Pt 2

Controversial choices, and a really tough job to do. I’m happy with the result – though my favourite guest stars change continuously.

Review of… 2012?

Just a bit of fun… written on the bus to Bristol!

DWM and DWA Sales News

Combining two of my favourite things: Doctor Who and magazines!

Review: Magic of the Angels

A review of the enjoyable Quick Reads book.


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