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Two new Bristol247 articles

Bristol247 celebrates its 2nd Anniversary this year, and I’m proud to be a contributor to the site. While my other articles can be seen by clicking on the links in previous blog posts or my online portfolio, I have also had two further pieces published on the site of late.

£9000 university tuition fees will make the common student an endangered species

Students take their protest to the Bristol247 homepage!

Like many, I feel very strongly about the increased student tuition fees, though I am lucky enough not to be directly affected, so I want to thank the editor, Christopher Brown, for the opportunity to air these views. I also want to thank my interviewees, Chris Brownett and Barry Creswell. I’m pleased to see a couple of comments from like-minded individuals too; any further opinions are very much welcomed.

Jack Vettriano celebration comes to the RWA, Bristol

Vettriano on the Bristol247 homepage

Jack Vettriano’s one of my favourite artists – in fact, you’ve probably got a print of his art, perhaps on a card or something – and I’m glad he’s being recognised at the RWA. It’s unusual to have something like this in the South West – I’m still trying to get to The Doctor Who Experience in London, although obviously, it’s moving to Cardiff next year – so I hope to show my support and go to the exhibition soon.

There’s some comments on that too; this time, some more, uhm, opinionated ones. Ah well, love a good debate (as long as I win). Personally, I really like this quote from Vettriano: “The whole debate between the public loving it and critics hating it made it controversial and I’ve benefitted from that. I don’t mind it at all; I’ve always wanted to be a bit of a maverick.”

And finally, here’s my contributor’s page:

Hopefully, this’ll be growing, ‘long as Mr. Brown is happy with what I do!

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Doctor Who Fun Day Round-up (2011)

Doctor Who is back.

I’m a big fan of the Time Lord, and so, as part of the build-up to the new series, I headed over to Forbidden Planet in Bristol on their Doctor Who Fun Day.

Like anything with the TARDIS stamp of approval, the day was great… but then, I always enjoy a trip to Forbidden Planet!


It was the perfect subject for a review.

… Or two…–Forbidden-Planet

Oh, and it’s great to be quoted by a site I visit frequently:

Thank you, Kasterborous!

So far, the series has been excellent; Steven Moffat didn’t need to prove himself to anyone, and yet he has, again and again. His wibbly-wobbly plots, tiny-but-important character pieces and incredible epic scale show how much he loves the show.

Stay tuned for more Who-goodness!

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P-P-P-Published pieces

These last three months have flown by.

The much-anticipated Professional Writing has returned for a second year, and I’m finding it as fun as the last (but don’t tell anyone). The enthusiasm from my class has prompted more pitches, and a brand new blog. A niche, a flight of fancy, an indulgence; call it what you will, but do take a look:

I’ll be posting news and info up as much as possible, so don’t get rid of your internet connection, will you?

Isn’t technology wonderful? Mmmm, but who can beat a good ol’ magazine? So why not pick up Real Travel magazine this month (issue 57; dated December 2010) to see an article I wrote in the Summer? The piece is ‘Have you ever… had a failed plane landing?’ and can be found on page 22. Go on; take a look!

In September, I went to the opening night of The Armstrong and Miller Show Tour – my favourite double act – and loved every second. Well… almost every second; I sank into my chair when the two picked on the audience. The pair still deserved the massive applause (and then some) so I swiftly knocked out some reviews, which can be found here:

Armstrong and Miller Guide2Bristol review

Armstrong and Miller Guide2Bristol review

And here:

Armstrong and Miller Bristol247 review

Armstrong and Miller Bristol247 review

And you think that’s it, don’t you? I can tell by the look in your eye. Well, you’d be wrong, my friend. On Monday (22nd November), my absolute favourite comedian, Lee Mack, returns to Bristol, this time to the Colston Hall. And guess who’ll be there…

I went to see Messer Mack in February and begged for an action replay. He (happily, I assume) obliged. So here we come. And what, you may ask, has this got anything to do with p-p-p-published pieces? Well…

Lee Mack: Going Out Mercury preview

Lee Mack: Going Out Mercury preview

I know I’m gonna love his show – and accompanying DVD – and can’t wait ‘til Not Going Out returns. Now if I could just get to work for his PR team and slowly rise through the ranks…

In other news:

  • Kudos to the brilliant Karl Pilkington, who has – and will continue to – entertain me with An Idiot Abroad, and his exceptional books. Long will I remain a fan.
  • I’m obviously looking forward to the next Doctor Who, A Christmas Carol, which looks to be just mind-blowing. The Sarah Jane Adventures have fed my obsession, with some fantastic storylines and acting, as have Classic Who DVDs and a convention that came to Weston. I met Sarah Sutton and saw Wendy Padbury again; really lovely people, who I’d love to interview someday (if you’re reading this…?).
  • But not all is well. I’ve just seen a Dolmio advert that rips off the “intruder window” joke from Doctor Who and has taken all of the credit. Feel free to form a protest. I’m trying, y’know.

Well, that’s all for now, but come back soon, won’t you…?

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