“Philip is a smart writer who knows how to highlight the core message of an article, unveil the underlying truth in a news story and illustrate his feelings towards the piece that he is reviewing with seemingly effortless ability. I’ve been delighted with every contribution he has made to Kasterborous to date and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his work. When the time comes for him to move onto pastures new I’ll certainly be envious of those he is working with.”

–  Christian Cawley; editor and writer, Kasterborous and CultBritannia.

“Philip is a reliable writer who never misses a deadline; he is also versatile, enthusiastic and has an eye for detail.”

Marc Leverton; author, How to work as a freelance journalist and Banksy: Myths and Legends.

“Philip has been a real help writing for Guide2Bristol. He can cover very general topics that are of interest to visitors to Bristol who come to our site, and also turns out a good piece on specialist topics with a Bristol edge that help us build a regular community following. We see a nice flow of traffic to our site when he writes for us.”

– Rudy Millard; editor,

“We were looking for a copywriter who is Doctor Who fan as well to write us copy for the press release and product descriptions. No one other than a real fan can understand the story behind extremely long Doctor Who scarf. And man, we found someone really good in Philip Bates! He knows the whole story behind the scarf. The way he has put it into words; it’s a no brainer that this copy will be loved by Doctor Who fans and will help us sell our product better. We are looking to hire his services again in the near future.”

– Maninder Sigh Sahota; Director of Lovarzi.


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